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Dewitt Peart
President and CEO


Molly Alexander
Executive Director
Downtown Austin Alliance Foundation

Melissa Barry, AICP
Vice President

Raven Birk
Digital Content Writer

Bill Brice
Vice President
Investor Relations

Samia Burns

Amalia Carmona, RA
Planning & Urban Design Coordinator

Amy Chambless
Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Julie Fitch

Julie Fitch
Chief Operating Officer

Matt Macioge
Senior Director
Public Space Management

Raasin McIntosh
Parks & Placemaking Director

Jenell Moffett, MBA
Associate Vice President
Strategic Initiatives

Angela Navarro
Community Outreach Coordinator

Vanessa Olson
Investor Relations

Emily Risinger, SITES AP
Planning & Urban Design Manager

Gabriel Schumacher
Economic Development Research Manager

Mandi Thomas
Senior Director

Angie Tubbs
Executive Assistant

Michele Van Hyfte, AIA, LEED AP
Vice President
Urban Design

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