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The health and vitality of Austin’s downtown guide all of our efforts. Our work is spread out through special projects, daily programs and collaborations that enable us to bolster the things that work, change the things that don’t and serve our membership.

We provide direct services to downtown, advocate for and invest in other organizations’ efforts, create signature activations that bring Austin’s public spaces alive and provide critical research used in planning and development.


We want people to want to shop, play, eat, drink and do business downtown. That’s why the majority of our annual budget goes towards services that help keep downtown clean and safe.

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Current Projects

Our current projects address a wide range of Austin's urban issues and are specifically aimed at creating the downtown future generations deserve.

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Advocacy & Support

We are downtown Austin’s full-time advocate and biggest champion. We advocate for the downtown district and connect with the appropriate parties across the spectrum to get things done the right way. We also invest in and help fund others' efforts that align with the best interests of our downtown area and the city at large.

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Our team conducts primary research on downtown-related issues and compiles and analyzes third-party research to make data-driven decisions as we work together to shape our future.

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Signature Events

The Downtown Alliance and its Foundation host signature events and activations that foster and capture downtown’s vibrant spirit.

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About Us

The Downtown Austin Alliance participates in programs and initiatives that create, preserve and enhance the value and vitality of downtown Austin.

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The Foundation’s mission is to ignite the potential of downtown—through art and creative spaces that capture the spirit of Austin—by and for everyone.

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Downtown Vision

Our Downtown Austin Vision is the guiding compass for all the work we do. The report represents strategic priorities distilled from the opinions, interests, hopes and concerns of over 3,000 Austinites.

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Contact Us

Find out the best ways to contact us about member relations, the Downtown Alliance, the Foundation, our Ambassador team and more.

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