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We saved a space for you.

The Downtown Austin’s Space Activation program (DASA) is the Downtown Austin Alliance’s call to action for Austinites to take an active role in making downtown the place they want it to be. Through DASA, we’re transforming empty, underutilized spaces and are turning them into a platform for social impact, community connectivity, and inclusive prosperity. Through supporting diverse artists, business owners, and more, downtown sustains its vibrancy and cultivates economic, social, and cultural benefits. 

A lack of affordable space poses barriers to many Austinites showcasing their talents downtown. Vacant storefronts and spaces downtown lead to fewer folks coming downtown to play, shop and explore. DASA bridges this gap by connecting artists, artisans, musicians, entrepreneurs, and creatives of all kinds with donated space and resources to bring their ideas to life, encouraging diversity and dynamism in our city. 

Our Goals

By partnering with property owners, local businesses, and community stakeholders, we can create dynamic spaces that not only attract foot traffic but also stimulate economic activity, enhance the aesthetic appeal of downtown, and provide opportunities for entrepreneurship and creativity to flourish.

To transform vacant storefronts into vibrant hubs. To revitalize commercial corridors and main streets.

To provide affordable and flexible spaces for entrepreneurs, artisans and small businesses. To help folks establish a presence downtown and grow customer bases.

To stimulate spending and investment in our local economy. To attract folks to explore an array of downtown spaces.

To create gathering spaces. To promote social gatherings, cultivating and sharing culture and encourage civic pride. To strengthen a sense of belonging and connection.

there's a space for you

Take Up Space

Want to become one of the first DASA Creatives? Apply today to bring your energy and ideas to a DASA space downtown.

Apply for Space

Activate Your Space

Have an empty or underused space downtown? Let us know. You have the space, we'll bring the magic.

Submit Your Space


Don't have a space but still want to support DASA creatives and enhance downtown's vitality? Give today.

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How DASA Works

Want to be our next DASA Creative? Here’s what you can expect from the process as an applicant:

Applicants send their ideas to the DASA Community Activator database

Selected applicants are matched with donated space and resources and become a DASA Creative

DASA Creatives use DASA space and resources to bring their ideas to life

Through the partnerships forged between DASA Creatives and donors, downtown becomes a more active, vibrant and inclusive place

DASA Participating Spaces


506 Congress Avenue

506 Congress Ave, Austin Texas 78701

Central Presbyterian Church

200 E 8th St, Austin, TX 78701

Community Partners

Downtown Austin is better together; DASA is only made possible through the partnerships we cultivate and grow with intentionality. We’re proud to be uplifting the good work these organizations are already doing for Austinites through our DASA program.

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