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We bring downtown’s stakeholders, policymakers and property owners together to collaborate on solutions to our most pressing issues. We ensure the downtown community’s voice is heard when important decisions are being made. We invest in and promote our partners’ innovations. And we are transparent in communicating our actions and progress.

State Legislative Advocacy

We support legislation that reflects the strategic priorities in our Downtown Austin Vision. We developed an agenda for the 87th Texas Legislative Session with four key priorities. This includes, but isn't limited to, improved public safety; mobility and I-35; increased funding for social services and behavioral health services for people experiencing homelessness; and land use and economic development.

Homelessness Initiatives

The Downtown Austin Alliance is committed to understanding and improving the lives of those experiencing homelessness. We broadly address their needs and work to mitigate the negative impacts of homelessness for people who live, work and visit downtown.

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Sobering Center

The Downtown Alliance was a key stakeholder in the planning, approval, and creation of the Sobering Center. The Center provides an appropriate place for people who are publicly intoxicated to become sober. This is a cost-effective alternative to jail or hospital emergency rooms. It also requires significantly less time, which frees up police and EMS resources to address more serious issues.

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