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Advocating for Downtown’s Future

For our organization to create, preserve and enhance the vibe, vitality, and value of Downtown Austin for everyone, we advocate for policies, regulations, and funding for pressing issues and transformative infrastructure downtown. We champion policies to advance dense, walkable neighborhoods, preserve and enhance cultural assets and to make downtown safer and easier to get around.  

Our Priorities

Our FY 24-25 advocacy priorities are aligned with our organization’s Strategic Plan objectives and FY 24-25 budget. To advance progress toward these priorities, we engage in and influence decisions and actions at the local, state, and federal levels.

Keep Downtown Safe, Clean, and Welcoming

Downtown Austin is a place for everyone. We support policies to make it safe, clean, and welcoming to visitors, residents, and employees.

Fund Innovative Homelessness Outreach Programs and Housing

Our organization has created and funded an outreach team that actively engages people in need, providing them with food, clothes, and referral to shelter. We advocate for this pilot to be expanded across downtown, with enhanced public sector funding, to ensure the police, EMS and 911 are not the only ways to address non-criminal, non-threatening issues.

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Our Future 35 Cap & Stitch

Our Future 35 Cap & Stitch will build new city infrastructure, making it easier to get to and around downtown, and co-create public spaces over I-35. We advocate to integrate the Our Future 35 Cap & Stitch vision and design with TxDOT’s Capital Express Central highway project procurement and will continue working to secure funding for the Our Future 35 downtown Caps.

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Advance Transformational Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects such as Project Connect and the Austin Core Transportation Plan will not only transform downtown, but will provide safer options for people traveling to and within Downtown Austin. We advocate for support from all levels of government to bring these projects to fruition.

Reform the Downtown Development Code

Downtown should be the densest, most walkable and vibrant center of the region. We advocate for city plans and land use policies to support these goals.

Keep Downtown Vibrant

As the eastern edge of Downtown Austin continues to develop, action must be taken to preserve downtown cultural music venues for years to come. We champion policies that enhance Downtown Austin; igniting, attracting and cultivating arts, culture, music and a sense of place.

Full Agenda

For our comprehensive list of advocacy priorities for 2024 – 2025, see our Full Advocacy Agenda. 

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Recent Advocacy News

Downtown Austin Alliance Advocacy Updates

The Downtown Austin Alliance FY24-25 Advocacy Priorities include advancing policies, regulations and funding to provide dense, walkable neighborhoods, preserve and enhance cultural assets and make downtown safer and easier to get around this year. Since our FY24-25 advocacy priorities are...

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Downtown Austin Alliance’s Advocacy Priorities

The Downtown Austin Alliance Board of Directors approved the organization’s FY24-25 advocacy priorities on June 12. Creating and maintaining a clean, safe environment is our highest priority. In line with our Strategic Plan and annual budget, we will continue to...

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Downtown Austin Alliance Hosts Finding Home ATX Funding Partners

On May 7, 2024, the Downtown Austin Alliance hosted a Finding Home ATX funding partners meeting that included a number of local and national private foundations and funding partners. Finding Home ATX is a collaborative that was created in 2021...

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