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angela navarro headshot for the downtown austin alliance

Angela Navarro

Marketing + PR Manger

Angela Navarro was born and raised in New Jersey. After High School, she moved to the sunny state of Florida to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a focus on Public Relations and a minor in Marketing from Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) in Fort Myers, Florida.

During her time at FGCU, Navarro contributed to a few professional organizations through volunteer work. She joined the Florida Public Relations Association as Treasurer and quickly became President of the chapter. She also volunteered at a local children’s shelter – Youth Have, Inc. Following her graduation from FGCU, Angela obtained an internship with Youth Haven, Inc. and then became Development and Outreach Coordinator.

After living in Florida for almost 8 years, it was time for a change of scenery. Angela took another leap and moved to Austin, Texas where she went to work for the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors as their Marketing & Communications Coordinator. To help get acclimated to the area Angela joined a few professional development organizations like: The Young Hispanic Professional Association of Austin (YHPAA) and joined their board as their Marketing Chair and two years after became the President of YHPAA. Angela also joined the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) – Austin Chapter’s Marketing Committee. The following year she became the DE&I Chair and is currently the President of the Austin Chapter.

When Angela is not busy with her professional development organizations, she is spending time with her family and recharging with many of her crafting hobbies.

Her favorite things to do downtown include:

  1. Take the CapMetro Rail Downtown. It’s a great experience, incredibly convenient and a great way to get downtown.
  2. Red River Cultural District is one of her favorite districts in downtown. Whenever someone comes in from out of town, she always recommends they go out on Red River and it never disappoints.
  3. Paramount Theatre is one of her favorite iconic Austin institutions. We have been collaborating with them recently and it is impressive to see all the amazing projects they work on to help keep Austin thriving.

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