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For 3o years, the Downtown Austin Alliance has been the champion for all things downtown Austin. Our fifth annual State of Downtown Report remains the central resource for downtown Austin development, culture, mobility and more.

As America’s second-fastest-growing economy, by 2040, the Austin regional population is expected to grow to 3.6 million. With the desire for space in Austin increasing, downtown continues to be in demand. With 19 projects under construction and employment growing 11% over our pre-pandemic high, downtown Austin remains a vibrant hub for central Texas.

With great growth comes great responsibility. This year’s report features topics like affordability, inclusivity and transformative projects that will fundamentally impact future generations, in addition to economic data on downtown Austin and our region’s development. To become the downtown you will always love, downtown Austin continues to change and respond to what Austinites want from it.

State of Downtown 2023

Downtown Austin is on demand. Discover how Austinites are driving the change they want to see in their city’s central hub in our fifth annual State of Downtown report.

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State of Downtown 2022

All the things you love about Austin are maximized downtown. Learn more about Austin's transition into a thriving and vibrant true 18-hour city in our fourth annual State of Downtown report.

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State of Downtown 2021

Downtown faced unique challenges during the pandemic. However, the much-anticipated “light at the end of the tunnel” burns brightly. The elements that make downtown a prime destination are still in place, resilient and ready for post-pandemic life.

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