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For more than 25 years, we have been committed to the economic prosperity of downtown Austin. We use our expertise to ensure downtown continues to grow and thrive while serving Austin’s over two million residents and more than 27 million annual visitors.  

In addition to being the bustling heart of the city, downtown plays a critical role in our region’s economy. Our urban core experienced growth in nearly every sector in 2019 – including a record high development pipeline, with 20 projects under construction and another 19 planned. Things changed quickly in early 2020 as a global pandemic dramatically changed the city’s vibrant landscape. 

Our State of Downtown reports demonstrate the incredible position of strength in which we entered the decade and will serve as a gold standard of what we can be. As we turn our efforts to recovery, our upcoming research projects will provide vital information to aid in recovery and advocacy efforts moving forward. 

State of Downtown 2022

All the things you love about Austin are maximized downtown. Learn more about Austin's transition into a thriving and vibrant true 18-hour city in our fourth annual State of Downtown report.

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State of Downtown 2021

Downtown faced unique challenges during the pandemic. However, the much-anticipated “light at the end of the tunnel” burns brightly. The elements that make downtown a prime destination are still in place, resilient and ready for post-pandemic life.

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State of Downtown 2020

Austin has enjoyed remarkable growth for many years now, and 2019 was no exception. Our second annual State of Downtown report is a market snapshot illustrating the central role downtown plays as Austin's economic, governmental and cultural center.

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Older State of Downtown Reports:

State of Downtown 2019

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