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Our research team’s work informs how we allocate our time, effort and investments. Their deep understanding of the market—what drives business, how mobility is evolving, what demographics are critical—and the resultant analysis helps us decide how to move forward with planning, design, and projects.

Their data and reports are also immensely useful for businesses and individuals looking to locate or invest in downtown Austin. To access this information, check out our Resources and download our most recent State of Downtown report.

State of Downtown

Our annual State of Downtown reports include key economic indicators for downtown Austin, such as economic markets, employment, value analysis, market conditions, parks, mobility, culture and the arts.

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Value of U.S. Downtowns and Center Cities - Downtown Austin, TX

Downtowns are the driving economic forces in their cities and regions across the United States. A new report by The International Downtown Association analyzes more than 100 key data points to calculate the value of downtowns and center cities by measuring the benefits they provide to the whole community. The Downtown Alliance served as one of the 24 participating organizations in this research effort.

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Downtown Austin Profile

Quantifying the who, what and where. Make informed decisions with the latest downtown Austin data gathered by our dedicated research team.

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Market Data

Our research team's analysis informs our decisions and is made available to people and businesses interested in moving or investing here.

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Emerging Projects

Discover prominent projects in planning or under construction in and around downtown Austin.

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