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Our Downtown Austin Vision is the guiding compass for all the work we do. The report represents strategic priorities distilled from the opinions, interests, hopes and concerns of over 3,000 Austinites. We included business leaders, urban farmers, restaurant owners, animal lovers, bike riders, sports fanatics, condo dwellers, young professionals, community activists and more.

From their contributions, we defined four guiding principles that act as a compass, influencing and informing all of our work for the next two decades. We are committed to bringing this vision—the collective vision—to fruition through leadership, advocacy, investment, and collaboration. 

We hope you will join us in making our downtown The Downtown You Will Always Love.

Downtown Vision Indicators

Tracking the Downtown Vision indicators allows us to measure our progress around the vision’s four priority areas: Thriving Center, Welcoming Places, Growing Neighborhoods, and Leading Mobility. These indicators—along with other short term data markers—help us to move in the right direction. The Downtown Vision is a long-term vision, intended to be achieved in 2039, with substantial progress by 2030. 

Downtown Austin Vision Report

We took the lead on identifying the community's collective vision for downtown's future, identifying long-term priorities through deep dive analysis of our surveys, interviews and public events.

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