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Everybody wants to be downtown, and businesses that choose to locate here enjoy a number of key advantages by being so central and connected.

You’ll be in the mix with startups and industry giants, perfectly positioned for partnerships and expanded networks. Being downtown also means you can attract top talent—smart, savvy professionals who want to work in the heart of the city. You’re connected to the latest goings-on, the coolest cultural events and, when you need to hop a flight, it’s a quick 10 miles to our international airport.

As Austin continues to experience explosive growth, our business and office landscape is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace. We’d love to have you here, taking part in one of the most exciting markets in the country.

City of Austin Permitting

Learn about the City of Austin’s permit types and the Planning and Development Review Department’s requirements for issue.

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Small Business Development Program

This program fosters job creation and supports the growth of new and existing businesses by providing capacity building information, tools and resources.

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Zoning Information & Overlay Districts

Review rules and regulations for development within the City's planning and zoning jurisdiction. Get technical codes for electrical, plumbing, fire and more—including local amendments.

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Land Development Code & Process

Understand more about the City of Austin's zoning definitions. There are 16 residential zoning districts and 13 commercial zoning districts, 4 industrial and 5 special purpose base districts.

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Market Data

Looking to move your offices to Austin? Get a better understanding of the value of downtown, what the business ecosystem looks like and other key market indicators to help make the right decision.

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Innovation & Smart Cities

Innovation is at the heart of Austin's culture. Our exploding new business and startup scene reflect that entrepreneurial spirit. See why Austin has become the next Silicon Valley.

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Getting Around

Austin has tons of options for getting around the downtown area that can help you and your employees avoid driving and parking. From Capital Metro to bike- and scooter-shares, see all the options to navigate the downtown area using all types of transit.

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