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Traffic is the bane of everyone’s existence. In fact, almost 30% of traffic downtown comes from single-occupancy vehicles looking for parking.

By choosing a different mode of transportation you can help combat the overload of cars downtown.  With options like the bus, ridesharing, carpooling, scooters, bikes, and bike shares, you can mix-and-match to create a full end-to-end transportation solution.

If you’re driving, check out this list of updated parking options or the Park ATX app. Movability can help businesses in the region discover the best solutions for their employees. And if you’re in the service industry or working evenings downtown, sign up for our affordable parking program.

CapMetro Rail

Connecting downtown with Austin's suburbs, the Cap MetroRail Red Line is Austin's first rail line. Put some "me" time back in your schedule by riding the rail.

Plan Your Route

CapMetro Bus

There's a bus headed where you need to go. Choose from a number of options to get around the city, including MetroBus, MetroRapid, and MetroExpress.

Find Your Bus

Kids Ride Free

Austin kids that are 18 and younger can get around the city on our clean and safe public transportation for free!

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Ride shares are ubiquitous around Austin. Use one of the apps below to catch a ride any time of day in any part of the city.

Find a taxi at a hotel stand or call them directly

  • ATX Coop Taxi                 512-333-5555
  • Yellow Cab                        512-452-9999
  • Roy’s Taxi                          512-482-0000
  • Super Shuttle                    512-258-3826


You’ll see pedicabs throughout downtown and drivers are fully licensed by the City of Austin. Rates vary – be sure to ask your driver about the price per rider or per trip before hopping in.

Bikes & Scooters

Bike- and scooter-shares are the biggest thing to impact mobility in the last couple of years. Services like B-Cycle bikeshare, Lime, and Bird scooters are an easy alternative to moving your car or walking in the Texas heat. Learn about your options, sign up for the services, or book and ride immediately.

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Park ATX

If you drive downtown, paying for parking is easy and convenient with the Park ATX mobile app. You can pay, extend and manage your parking session remotely with just a few taps.

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Upcoming Event Street Closures

Below are upcoming event-related street closures in the downtown area. Click here for more details.

Every Saturday:
SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown

This map is meant as a resource to identify Street Events that have been permitted by the City of Austin. The map may not reflect all events that will occur in the city.

Tips for using the map:

  • To easily highlight an event, use the Search bar at the top of the screen. Search for an event by typing in part of the event name, like “Pecan Street.”
  • To see street events by month, select the desired month’s layer in the Layer List (found in the three square icon at the bottom of the app). Alternatively, enable the All Street Events layer, then click the Time Slider tool (the icon with the clock) to add events by their date by sliding through the months.

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