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The Dog Blog: Pet Friendly Places

August 26, 2021
Dog Blog

We want to spend as much time with our furry best friends as possible, but it isn’t always easy when you want to venture somewhere other than a dog park. Downtown is full of great places to spend time with and spoil your dog.

Austin Pet’s Alive has compiled tips and tricks for keeping your dog healthy in the heat. Please keep your dog cool and hydrated during the hot season. Pavement temperatures get very hot midday and can burn paw pads.

Don’t Have a Dog?

You can sign up to walk one and help socialize pets at Austin Pets Alive. This gives you a nice serotonin boost from being around animals (and maybe fall in love and adopt one) and increases the dog’s chances of getting adopted. If you are intentionally looking for a new friend, they even have a pet matching quiz.


Places to Play

Republic Square

Republic Square is a great place to be a dog. There are usually other dogs to play with and sniff in the abundance of well-manicured grass. On Saturday mornings, there’s a popular vendor at the SFC Farmer’s Market that specializes in dog treats, raw dog food, and doggy ice cream called Chow Hound Raw. Grab a pup cup and have fun!

Auditorium Shores Off-Leash

Many dogs thrive at the dog park. At Auditorium Shores, you can let your dog roam freely so that they can socialize, play fetch, or just run around to get all their energy out. Please be cautious, the blue algae content is high in Lady Bird Lake and could be toxic if ingested.

Ann and Roy Butler Trail

The hike and bike trail around Lady Bird Lake is a 10-mile loop filled with beautiful parks, greenspace, water, bridges, downtown adventures, and skyline views. The loop can be shortened to three, four, five, or seven miles by using the bridges so you can adjust your walk accordingly. This trail is an on-leash trail so don’t forget your leash and waste bags.

Dog-friendly patio

Dog-Friendly Patios

ALTA’s Cafe

With great food and lake views from a beautiful, dog-friendly patio, ALTA’s is a great place to start your day. They have a variety of menu items available but we have to recommend their lox bagel no matter the time of the day!

Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden

Not only will you and your dog love the smell of this place, but Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden also has the welcoming atmosphere of a beer garden. The menu is the perfect balance between informative and entertaining and you can enjoy drinks with your human friends and their dogs too.

Cedar Door Patio Bar and Grill

Cedar Door has a lovely patio complete with TVs and string lights for you to enjoy. While they are known for their Mexican martinis, we haven’t tried a drink on their cocktail menu we didn’t love. Plus, they are close to the trail, perfect for going on a nice, long W-A-L-K later.

Little Woodrow’s West 6th

Little Woodrow’s loves dogs so much, they have paws on the pavement listed as one of their features. They just ask that you keep your dog on a lease and pick up after them when you visit, they even have waste bags if you need one.

Moonshine Grill

Moonshine Grill has a beautiful patio with string lights strewn across and fans surrounding the perimeter to keep you cool. Leashed dogs are welcomed to stay cool with you. The pre-meal popcorn is delightful, and we recommend trying the country-fried steak.


Authentic Mexican restaurant, Polvo’s is known for its salsa and dog-friendly patios. They serve a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they are positioned right next to the Shoal Creek, which is great to walk along after a nice meal.

Scholz Garten

Prost! We will cheer to a dog-friendly Biergarten. Scholz Garten has been around since 1866 for a reason. Try something on tap and enjoy some authentic German food with your pup. There is often live music here too, relax and stay awhile.


This organic, farm-to-table restaurant is kind to your body and kind to your dogs. TRACE‘s patio is dog-friendly to leashed friends. They serve food from 7am-10pm most days of the week, so check out their menu full of tasty recipes. Sometimes they even have live music on the patio, too.

Upstairs at Caroline

If your dog isn’t afraid of stairs, they will have fun Upstairs at Caroline. This rooftop patio is full of games, food, drinks, and fake grass, great for human and canine friends alike.

Places to Spoil Your Dog

Healthy Pet

Walk your dog through the lovely Seaholm District to find Healthy Pet. This pet-loving shop has all the cat and dog essentials plus toys, beds, crates, gates, flea and tick prevention, grooming, leashes, collars, pet apparel, a wide array of treats, and more! Even more exciting, maybe for you and not so much your dog, they have a DIY dog bath station. This way you can clip your dog in, and you don’t have to make a mess at home. Shop local at a place your pet will love.

Love Tito’s

Make sure your dog knows that they are the center of attention by taking them to Love Tito’s for a doggie photoshoot. Bonus points if you print and frame their pictures. Love Tito’s also has the gear to make sure your dog is ready for your next yappy hour. Proceeds from the toys and accessories go towards the non-profits they support under Vodka for Dog People!

Tomlinson’s Feed

Tomlinson’s is all about keeping your pet fueled with the healthiest foods. Pick out some scrumptious (to your canine) frozen raw foods and smokehouse treats if you’re feeling fancy. This is also a great place for a puppy picture, there is a pet-centric mural in the corner of the store painted by a local artist to add some flare.

Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming

Spa day: take your favorite fluffs to the Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming. Reward them for getting groomed like a champ with fun-house-made treats or something from their toy and accessory collection. This is a great place to go if you are celebrating a dog’s birthday.

There is an abundance of fun places downtown to spend time with your dog. Have fun together and stay hydrated.

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