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Congress Avenue epitomizes the spirit of Austin. It’s a connector—connecting kayakers on Lady Bird Lake and to policymakers at the Texas State Capitol, the buttoned-up business people to the laid back patio loungers, the east to the west, the north to the south.

We are also deeply connected to Congress Avenue through its past, present, and future. In Our Austin Story, we walk through the crucial heritage and legacy of early Congress Avenue. Our Downtown Austin Ambassador team makes the avenue welcoming, beautiful, clean and safe. We pay attention to every detail—from retail to parking, planters, lighting and parklets.

The Congress Avenue Urban Design Initiative will take Congress Avenue to the next level. Using urban and human-centric design, we’ll refine its identity, develop its influence and realize a grand vision for Congress Avenue.

Past: Our Austin Story

It's only through understanding the past that we can build for the future. The Our Austin Story project explores the heritage and legacy of Congress Avenue, gathering the history of this main street, along with that of Brush, Wooldridge and Republic Squares.

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Present: Our Ambassadors

Our Downtown Austin Ambassadors help keep downtown clean, safe, beautiful and welcoming. They specifically focus on the overall appeal of Congress Avenue by maintaining the planters, cleaning the streets, and maintaining display banners and lights.

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Future: Congress Urban Design Initiative

Congress Avenue is more than just a great street—and we are a partner with the City of Austin in carefully planning its future through the Congress Urban Design Initiative. Most recently, we co-hosted two public events to present the recommendations for the future of the Main Street of Texas.

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