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Visual Review: Free Week 2022

January 26, 2022

One of our favorite weeks of the year is in January when the Red River Cultural District hosts Free Week. This week celebrates local musicians and is a great way to discover to you new bands.

Review the week with us through our favorite snapshots of the week in the order of which we saw them. We were not able to see everyone, unfortunately, but here is a taste.

Thursday Night

Souls Extolled
Souls Extolled at Empire Garage singing their new album.
Rapping to a crowd in Empire Control Room.
Foxtales performing at the Empire Garage. Foxtales is also featured in the cover image.
People dancing in front of the stage to Eli Welbourne at Cheer Up Charlies.
Otis Wilkins performing on the indoor stage at Stubbs.
Horse Opera dj-ing on the outside stage at Mohawk.
Easy Compadre rocking out at Elysium.
The Elysium stage is taken over by Figure Factor.
A crowd begins to filter in to listen to Figure Factor at Elysium.
Cloud Chord senerades the crowd at Swan Dive.
Flobama closes out the first night of Free Week at Swan Dive.

Friday Night

The Bros Fresh bring in a crowd to the control room at Empire.
Go Fever jammed out so hard at the Empire Garage that people streamed in off the street.
Close up of the lead singer of Go Fever
Los Alcos were impossible not to love in the Empire Control Room.
Backseat Soundtrack brought us into Green Jay with their smooth grooves.
Allepakcok jamming at Green Jay.
Primo the Alien give us all the snapshot worthy poses.

Saturday Night

Soulfiyah + Kroywen spit immaculate vibes out to the crowd at Flamingo Cantina.
Bleed started a mosh pit at the indoor stage of Mohawk.
Unsane ending a song at the outdoor stage of Mohawk.
We caught the end of Funeral Cab’s set at Valhalla.
Duel shook the walls of Valhalla around the crowd.
Foolish Ones brought the house down at the end of the night at Green Jay.

We hope you enjoyed Free Week as much as we did! Follow some local musicians on social media and streaming services to show your support of the local music. Thank you Red River!

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