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Spread Kindness and Provide Essentials to People Experiencing Homelessness

Last month, the Downtown Alliance partnered with local nonprofit organizations to launch Project H20, an extension of the Downtown Ambassadors’ mission to help keep downtown clean, safe and welcoming.

Ambassadors have been providing water, masks, and information about additional resources (medical and behavioral services) to those facing homelessness. The project has been particularly successful as an outreach and wellness effort, so we would like to continue the program through community supply donations!

The simple act of kindness of receiving a bottle of water and a mask can increase hope and make the day more bearable for our unhoused neighbors. Help the Downtown Ambassadors as they continue to provide essentials and information on decreasing the spread of COVID-19 by donating an item from the Project H20 Amazon wishlist.

Project H2O will also allow people working in this field to establish trust, assess conditions, and determine additional needs that can be reported back to the appropriate agencies.

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