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Near-Term Phase Bike Lanes Working Toward a Community-Driven Congress Ave

September 21, 2020

Several weeks ago, Austin Transportation creating temporary protected bike lanes along both sides of Congress Avenue designated with cones from Riverside to 11th Street. Based on positive community feedback and increased cyclist safety, the pilot was deemed successful!

As such, Austin Transportation announced the advancement of transitioning the bike lanes from their current pilot status to a near-term phase. This (temporary) near-term phase will allow for just four lanes of traffic, with a fifth turning lane at select key intersections and is reported as having the capacity required to sustain normal rush hour traffic. Congress Avenue will be re-striped for this transition period and temporary modifications will be installed, including flexible delineator posts and parking stops.

The existing, coned bicycle lanes will remain on the street until the new mobility and safety improvements are in place. Installation of the temporary modifications is scheduled to begin a the south end this week and will progress in phases over the next four to six weeks.

While still temporary, this next phase moves the Avenue a step closer to achieving the priorities of the Congress Avenue Urban Design Initiative related to safety and becoming more multimodal. Once approved and implemented, the Congress Avenue UDI will become a series of capital improvement projects that could include:

  • a full street reconstruction including increased and improved pedestrian space
  • new trees, lighting, amenity space, art, cultural and historical interpretation
  • improved utility and stormwater management systems

The final design recommendations will be presented in its final report to the Planning Commission and Council. Austin Transportation continues supporting the Congress Avenue UDI, and we will continue our work to advance swift approval and implementation of this community-driven, permanent design solution.

Protected bicycle lanes coming to Congress Ave. between Riverside Dr. and 11th St. (City of Austin)

Mobility and Safety Improvements Coming to Congress Avenue (Austin Transportation)

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