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Fun Things To Do During Lunch

August 24, 2022
Lunch Break Walk

Lunch breaks don’t always feel like a break, unfortunately, but we have some fun ways to change that. Let’s leave the office for a while and do something fun to reset our brains in the middle of the day!

Central Library

Hunt Through The Stacks

Lose yourself in a book or seven at Book People or the Central Library. The books are well organized so you can browse to your heart’s content in just the sections you’re interested in so you aren’t late for your next meeting.

Go Window Shopping

Mozy down to the 2nd Street District and gaze through the shop windows until something intrigues you to go inside.

The UAL Window

Take a Stroll Around Lady Bird Lake

A breath of fresh air and moving your body feels great when you work at a desk all day. Stretch out those hip flexors and get your eyes off a screen by walking around Lady Bird aka Town Lake.

Go to the Park and Be In Nature

If you don’t have a whole hour to walk by the lake, you can stroll to one of the many parks downtown for fresh air and walk a lap or two. Try Waterloo Greenway, Republic Square, Brush Square or Pease Park.

Head to the Gym

Many studios and gyms downtown are open during lunch or even have 45-minute lunchtime classes. It’s a great way to sweat out some frustrations in the middle of the day. For a list of gyms and fitness studios downtown, check out our staying active downtown blog.

Lady Bird Lake

Grab Lunch by the Lake

When an escape from the office is necessary, pretend you’re on a getaway for a while and stop by Alta’s Cafe or P6 at the Line for a lake view lunch.

Treat Yourself

Get a blowout, manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, anything you can do in an hour. We recommend scheduling an appointment and asking for a time estimate on service before you show up. Try Dry Bar, milk + honey, Austin DEEP, Away Spa, La Vie En Rainey, Parlor Beauty, Lacquer or any one of the many spas and salons downtown.

The Contemporary

Tour a Museum

Take a quick tour around one of the several museums in the downtown area. Gaze at some fantastic artworks at Mexic-Arte, The Contemporary or the Blanton. ¬†Dive into the history of toys and arcade games at the Texas Toy Museum. Learn more about Austin’s history and find some art at the Old Bakery and Emporium. Keep Austin weird and learn about cryptids at the Museum of Weird. Learn something new or find inspiration during your lunch hour.

Take a Mural Tour

Enjoy a mural tour, or just part of it, at your own pace during lunch. It’s the best of several worlds. You get to learn more about local artworks and artists, view thought-provoking works and stretch out those legs after sitting at a desk all morning. Check out our mural tour here!

Go to a Restaurant

Our last tip is perhaps the simplest solution, but it’s still a good one. Sometimes taking a break from the office to go get your lunch and staying at that restaurant to eat can do wonders as a mental reset. If you need some lunch recommendations, we have a few here.

Local Foods

We hope your lunch breaks are more enjoyable and rejuvenating after trying some of these ideas.

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