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Fun Places to Work Downtown

October 3, 2022
Central Library

Tired of working within the same four walls every single weekday? You need a change of scenery. Whether you work from home or in the office, there are many great options to take your computer somewhere new and gain some newfound focus or inspiration.

Jo's Coffee Work

Coffee Shops

This may be your first thought when you think about working remotely somewhere other than your house. Downtown is full of lovely coffee shops great for caffeinating and escaping the office or your house for a while. We recommend Jo’s Coffee for inspiration and people-watching, Houndstooth Coffee for a more posh experience, The Hideout Coffee House for a cozy vibe, Halcyon if you want a smooth transition to happy hour and Perfect Strangers for putting your head down and cranking out some good work. For a more extensive list of coffee shops and why we love them, check out our blog post, “Cozy Coffee Shops.”

Central Library

Central Library

It may seem like the next obvious answer, but we have a world-class public library full of light, art, resources and a lot of space downtown. Immerse yourself in a beautiful space that will inspire you while you are surrounded by other people working and learning with a focus that will motivate you to focus more. Apply the same psychological principle as going to the gym and becoming more motivated to work out simply by surrounding yourself with others working hard. Once you start working at the Central Library, you won’t go back.

Waterloo Greenway

The Park

The park is a great place to work if you don’t need the internet or have an excellent hotspot on your phone. There are tables and shade so you can see your screen and not melt outside while getting some fresh air. You could try Waterloo Greenway if you want to be surrounded by flowers, Republic Square for some excellent people watching and proximity to some good food, or Pease Park if you enjoy taking walks during your break.

Slake Cafe

A Cute Cafe

Want that coffee house vibe with more options for snacks and meals? The cafe life is for you. Tuck yourself away at Slake Cafe with all their delicious options for breakfast and lunch with pastries and minimal distractions. Alta’s Cafe is ideal if you want fresh air, good food and a healthy dose of sunshine.

Downtown Austin

The Lobby

If you have an office space downtown, several buildings have lobbies that are both beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Most buildings have some sort of porch or patio if they do not have a large, functional lobby space. Find that nice area to step outside your office but stay in your building so you are still easy to reach.

405 Colorado

The Book Store

Engulf yourself in the new book smell at the cafe area of Book People. A book store with a cafe is perfect for researching, browsing for ideas or surrounding yourself with incredibly focused individuals.


Whenever you need to reset your mind, change the scene. It helps and we have plenty of fun places to work in downtown Austin.

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