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Cozy Coffee Shops

February 17, 2023
A group of people walk in front of Intelligentsia Coffee

Whether rushing to grab coffee before work, sipping a tea while reading a good book, catching up with a friend over a cup of joe or cramming late at night for an exam, coffee shops are there for us no matter our needs. How do you pick which coffee house to go to or find a new one to try? Here’s our round-up of every coffee shop in downtown Austin so you can find your perfect brew!

Alfred at the Line

Welcome to Alfred, tucked away in a beautiful corner of the Line Hotel: where every espresso shot is a double and the tea menu is almost as long as their extensive coffee menu. This spot offers complimentary 30-minute parking if you’re on the move and is known for its matcha section of the menu.


Taking a brisk morning walk to wake up or starting your day off with a bike ride before you head to work? Drop by Alta’s Cafe right off the hike and bike trail for your morning beverage. Whether you’re searching for a coffee, tea, latte, kombucha or mimosa, Alta’s extensive menu has you covered. It’s also a great place to grab a seat overlooking the lake to chat with a friend, watch the sunrise or soak in a few quick moments with yourself.

Alta's Iced Chai Latte

Capital One Café

Trying to get in and out quickly to avoid being late to work with a coffee in your hand again? Try the Capital One Café. They have quick sandwiches and snacks to grab on the go if you forgot to grab breakfast on your way out of the house too.

Capitol Café

Capitol Café joined the downtown party in early 2023, opening in sync with the legislative session. This coffee shop, opened by Former Texas State Representative Dan Huberty and his daughter, is known for the array of historical Texas items you can see on display while you sip your joe. You can find them near the Capitol, so they are perfect for grabbing a coffee on your way to tour the grounds or get to business with the state. Check out their menu here.

Coffeehouse at Caroline

Everything-flavored croissants? Cheddar and chive scones? Say less. You could happily start any day at Coffeehouse at Caroline. Inhale their array of baked goods and pastries while you savor their rotating selection of custom espresso and coffee blends from Austin’s Little City Roasters. The best part? They have different pastry menus for the morning and the afternoon, so you know whatever you are getting is fresh.


Bookworms unite! Here is your new favorite place to grab a coffee. CoffeePeople is the coffee shop inside BookPeople, creating the perfect atmosphere for a lazy morning. Grab a coffee and a bagel and browse the seemingly endless shelves at BookPeople.


Get your coffee with some hair of the dog at Halcyon (or without, we won’t tell you how to live your life). This combo coffee shop and cocktail lounge features a wrap-around patio perfect for people-watching. Check out their daily happy hours, live music on Tuesday and Thursday nights and drag brunch on Sunday mornings. Enjoy the caffeine and good vibes unique to the warehouse district.

Hideout Theater & Coffeehouse

Coffee with a side of theater? Keep it weird at this cozy plant and art-filled coffeehouse. They offer a variety of warm beverages to keep you going on chilly days and plenty of chilled drinks (try the Arnold Palmer) to keep you cool during the dog days of summer. They also have a variety of improv shows, comedy shows and classes rotating throughout the year, all listed on the Hideout Theater & Coffeehouse site.


Houndstooth is cozy inside and light and airy outside. You have a lot of space in the shade to sit outside and sip your coffee so this spot is perfect when the weather is nice. The baristas are friendly and there are always people in there so you know it’s good.


This high-ceilinged coffee shop is a gorgeous place to spend the afternoon sipping coffee or tea with a friend. Intelligentsia prides itself on thoughtfully sourcing its coffee and roasting it to order.

Jo’s Coffee

Jo’s Coffee is an Austin staple for a reason. You can eat any meal of the day at Jo’s while you sip on their coffee and soak in their fun, eclectic vibe. If you aren’t in the mood for caffeine, they have frosé and cold beers to sip on, perfect for the hot summer days. Burger Tuesdays are a must if you go with friends or family, you can two-for-one burgers after 3pm.

Jo's Coffee Work

Juan Pelota Cafe

Looking to keep it even weirder than coffee with a side of theater? A cafe in a bike shop is certainly one way to do that. Mellow Johnny’s and Juan Pelota Cafe are the perfect combination for our large cycling community here in Austin. They are even conveniently located right off the Shoal Creek Trail so that you can access your coffee on, you guessed it, your bike. They also have a happy hour starting each day at 3pm.

Lola Savannah

For the coffee connoisseur, Lola Savannah offers coffee selections by the origin of the bean as well as a variety of flavored coffees. They also have a lovely patio you can perch on while you sip your warm beverage.

Malone Specialty Coffee

Malone Specialty Coffee can be found in several locations around downtown. They are a staple for in the cold brew nitro lovers, offer several latte options and even have a couple of power smoothies to help you get through your day.

Mañana Coffee

A newer addition to the Seaholm District, Mañana Coffee has made itself the place to be with live music and happy hours. They offer handmade syrups for their coffees, seasonal smoothies and plates to elevate their menu. This light, airy coffee shop even has kombucha on tap along with its lineup of beers, ciders and wines.

Manana Coffee and iced beverage in someone's hand with a plate of baed goods

Merit Coffee

Merit Coffee values the ritual coffee provides so many in their daily lives and seeks to elevate that experience. Their bright, sunny coffee shop smells delicious and is a comfy spot to hang out.

Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers has the dreamiest patio you can imagine sipping your coffee on. The bright yellow decor, string lights and tropical plants will help you hate mornings a bit less.

Rosen’s Bagels

Rosen’s Bagels is a walk in the park, literally. Stroll through Republic Square with your bagel in one hand and their drip coffee in the other for the start of a beautiful day. They also have a good amount of outdoor seating if you want to get some fresh air while you wake up.

Cookbook at Central Library

If you are in need of a caffeine boost and a good place to crank out a lot of work, Cookbook at the library is the perfect stop for you. You get all the motivation from caffeine and being in a productive atmosphere. Not to mention, the Central Library is gorgeous and you can even enjoy your coffee in a rooftop garden.

Ze Crepes

The chic atmosphere and crepes make your coffee so much better at Ze Crepes. Its location right off Congress and 6th Street not only makes it convenient, but it creates the perfect spot for people watching inside or outside. The beautiful art deco vibe inside can transport you to another time.

Ze Crepes Storefront

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