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Downtown Parking Pilot for Construction Site Personnel

January 14, 2020

The Austin Transportation Department is pursuing a multiyear parking pilot to reduce the impact of parking during construction at downtown sites as the result of a June 2018 City Council resolution.

The upcoming pilot program will identify large-scale construction projects located in the downtown area, cost over $7.5 million, employ 30 or more on-site construction workers. Workers and employers will be surveyed over the entire duration of construction.

Financial incentives for employees to carpool and take public transit will be offered to construction site personnel and off-street parking facilities will be identified for workers who need to drive.

The Transportation Department originally planned two ordinance changes for the Council’s consideration. Based on feedback from Movability, Downtown Austin Alliance, the Association of General Contractors, construction personnel representatives, developers, and general contractors’ downtown construction site parking task force, Transportation chose to conduct a pilot before offering ordinance changes.

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