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Community Leaders and Advocates Gathered to Launch Transit for Austin

October 1, 2019

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Yesterday, community members, business leaders, and advocates gathered at the Austin Central Library for the launch of Transit for Austin, a new coalition in support of comprehensive, rapid transit system for Austin. The Downtown Austin Alliance joins more than fifty civic organizations, businesses, and community members committed to the policies and solutions that will ease our traffic crisis and improve our quality of life.

“More than 50 community organizations have signed on to the [Transit for Austin] coalition as have businesses, individuals and others. We represent a diverse array of interests, areas, and ideas but we’re all headed in the same direction, we’re all headed towards the same goal. Mobility is tied to so many of the challenges that our community is facing. Transit can help transform our future and change the path we’re on.”
– Senator Kirk Watson at today’s press conference

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