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Call To Action: Public Order Ordinances

June 18, 2019

Austin is facing a homelessness crisis. We understand this growing challenge firsthand. Our organization remains committed to working towards solutions that improve the lives of people experiencing homelessness while maintaining a safe and welcoming downtown.

Immediate action on this issue is necessary, which is why we support the Mayor’s resolution (City Council Agenda Item 184) directing the City Manager to assess opportunities and make recommendations for urgent actions to address homelessness. Even though we support the proposed changes to the aggressive solicitation ordinance to focus on aggressive confrontation, we oppose City Council Agenda Item 185 as changing the camping and sit/lie ordinance will negatively impact the community as a whole, including people experiencing homelessness.

Based on the progress we have made in the last two weeks, we are certain that a defined public process would result in outcomes that would benefit the entire city. We will continue to be a steadfast partner on this issue and will work with the city and advocates on solutions.

Changing these ordinances will not solve our growing homelessness crisis. Our focus needs to be on housing people. In the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Katrina, we demonstrated that we can quickly respond to major humanitarian crises. We are now facing another humanitarian crisis.

We ask you to take a few moments before Thursday to express your support for Item 184 and to oppose Item 185 to allow for more time for collaboration and public input.

  • Send an email to Mayor Adler and City Council Members using this form.
  • Sign up in person at city hall by June 20 using the kiosks in the lobby to:
    • Sign up to speak in support (Item 184) or opposition (Item 185), or
    • Sign up in support (Item 184) or opposition (Item 185) without speaking

Click here to learn more about our efforts to help to improve the lives of people experiencing homelessness.

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