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96,396 Reasons Why We Support Project Connect

August 14, 2020

At last week’s joint meeting with the Capital Metro board, Austin City Council voted to advance Project Connect on its path to a potential November election. We fully support the proposed finance and governance models, including the 8.75-cent tax rate election that will advance Project Connect from plan to reality.

Downtown is Austin’s largest employment center with 96,396 employees working downtown in 2019. Only 2% of these employees live downtown and 20% live outside the city limits. Downtown’s continued success relies on moving an increasing number of Austin-area residents to and around downtown and making the city’s growth work for the entire community.

The Project Connect system plan will deliver the fast, frequent, and safe services needed to connect downtown Austin to the area’s growing neighborhoods and retail centers. It will provide residents greater options, not just in mobility, but in employment and lifestyles.

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Watch the recent Project Connect virtual community meeting and live Q&A which explores options for how to fund and oversee the transit expansion.

Follow Transit for Austin, a coalition of Austin civic organizations, businesses, and community leaders who support a comprehensive, rapid transit system.

Dive into the system plan and find virtual community engagement opportunities!

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