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7 Things You Need to Know About the Micromobility Regulations Now in Effect

July 11, 2019

Check out this helpful guide to new micromobility rules from the Austin Transportation Department!

New amendments to City Code now include micromobility devices, establishing enforceable regulations which will increase safety for residents and visitors. The revised regulations went into effect Monday, July 1, and provide rules and guidance on the use of micromobility devices in the public right of way.

Micromobility regulations in Austin City Code:

  1. Applies existing traffic rules and regulations to micromobility devices (i.e., riders MUST obey all traffic signals, signs and other traffic control devices applicable to vehicles)
    • Riders MUST NOT travel in the opposite direction of adjacent motor vehicles in the roadway
  2. Modifies existing use of sidewalks to be inclusive of micromobility devices and bicycles
    • Riders must yield to pedestrians on sidewalks and in crosswalks and must not hinder the movement of persons with limited mobility or other sidewalk users.
  3. Modifies existing parking regulations to clearly define where micromobility devices and bicycles may and may not be parked
    • Micromobility devices may not be parked in a manner that obstructs pedestrian or vehicle traffic, transit stops, shelters, or platforms; on any part of an accessibility ramp for persons with disabilities, or in any manner that would restrict the movement of persons with disabilities; in designated and marked special use zones, including commercial service zones, passenger loading zones, customer service zones and valet zones.
  4. Prohibits use of portable electronic devices when operating a micromobility device – don’t text/selfie and ride
  5. Restricts use of micromobility devices for children unless they wear a helmet
  6. Prohibits multiple riders on a micromobility device designed for one rider
  7. Provides police officers authority to issue citations for noncompliance with City ordinances
    • $20 on first conviction
    • $40 on subsequent convictions

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