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Hailey Gearo painting her ARTBOX sponsored by Den properties and the downtown austin alliance foundation in downtown austin

Hailey Gearo is a multi-medium abstract expressionist from Omaha, Nebraska. Now based in Austin, she’s recently added mural work to her wildly impressive portfolio. Her ARTBOX on the corner of 3rd and Guadalupe, funded by DEN Property Group, brings color with intentionality to the neighborhood. 

“For this piece is public art I really wanted to represent elements for the black and brown community and the creativity in life they bring to spaces. I am choosing to communicate this through color theory so each element color has a purpose, outside of the black and white stripe which is my signature. The khaki color and rich brown represents all people of colour, the blue represents the electric life that the city facilitates, the pinks are meant to mimic a heartbeat to represents the passion and love Texans have for the place they live, the yellow is meant to represent all of the creative energy the city holds, the purple is to represent the healing and blossoming created by community, and the orange is an ode to the DEN company which is giving space for a black woman to put art in a public space. Overall this piece is meant to show my appreciation for the people in my community and for all of the life and passion they bring into spaces.”

— Hailey Gearo, ARTBOX Artist

Special thanks to DEN Property Group for sponsoring and funding this ARTBOX. Want to visit and see this gorgeous mural yourself? Check out our getting around page to plan your trip.

Learn more on how to sponsor your own ARTBOX and the Downtown Austin Alliance Foundation’s Writing on the Walls program.

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