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Updated - March 28, 2019


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Opinion: We need more time to talk before acting on homeless laws

Yesterday, the Council delayed the vote to consider repealing aggressive panhandling & camping ordinances for two weeks to allow for community input. We remain concerned that this is not enough time for adequate consideration.

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Support Funding for Immediate Shelter & Services; Community Input Critical Before Repeal of Ordinances

The Downtown Austin Alliance submitted the following letter to the Mayor and Austin City Council on June 3, urging the Council to pass item 49 on the June 6 City Council Agenda to provide immediate emergency shelter to those experiencing homelessness.

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Editorial: Keep the focus on what homeless people need: Housing

Austinites share a desire to see homeless people get the help they need. The community deserves a larger discussion on how we get there — not just through ordinances, but through housing options, funding priorities and better coordinated efforts to help people out of homelessness.

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The names of these menus are Hyper Navigation, Primary Navigation, and Footer Navigation. Where they are located and what they represent is self-explanatory.

An important note to remember is: If you add a new page to the website, it will not automatically appear in any navigation menu. You will need to manage that in the Menus Editor. This gives you more control over what exactly appears in which navigation menu and in what order it appears.


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